MCN Review service

The MCN Review Service is a bundle of three basic services: “Reviewed by MCN” + “KYC by MCN” + “Listed on”.

Reviewed by MCN: Smart contracts will be checked line-by-line by our top-notch partners in the DeFi industry and results will be published to the MCN official twitter account and/or website.

KYC by MCN: One of MCN’s partners (Listed on MCN’s website) will do a Zoom call to verify: 1. the identity of the core developer behind the project 2. the ownership of the project via a small transfer from the contract deploy wallet (will be returned afterwards) 3. the ownership of the project’s twitter account via following/unfollowing MCN partner’s twitter account

Listed on On top of the standard listing on, projects with the MCN Review Service will have a distinct icon indicating its review status in’ project list. This gives projects a huge advantage over other projects

  1. Greater credibility: Users will jump in if they know the team behind the project is legitimate and verified so that they can take legal action if they are rugpulled
  2. Better market exposure: MCN has a strong DeFi community and is backed by a group of famous KOLs. Any projects reviewed by MCN will receive great market exposure including twitter KOL followers, MCN community attention and initial bootstrapping from the MCN community  
  3. MCN ecosystem support: the MCN ecosystem includes all basic defi lego blocks from side chains to dex/lending/aggregation etc. The MCN Review Service is just a starting point for your DeFi growth. You will receive all kinds of support that may be difficult to achieve from other partnerships like applying for grants, DEX listings, liquidity farming, aggregator listings and so much more
  4. Highlighted position in you will find it much easier to stand out from thousands of projects list on the DeFi project portal 
  5. TVL support: TVL is critical for any Defi project. We help projects to grow their TVL fast at the starting stage.
  6. Possible VC investment: MCN is a venture capital with investment fund ready for any projects with potential 
  7. Join MCN multiple reward farming: MCN multiple reward farming helps to increase liquidity, farming APY and community awareness, with community voting and side chain bridging to mainnet (if not on manint), your project could be list on

It will take no more than 24 hours for all tasks to be completed; actual time may be a couple of hours depending on our workload. 

For KYC verification, please have your identification document (passport), your smart contract deploy wallet and project’s twitter account ready, we need to verify them during zoom chat. 

The bundled service costs $5K USDC, please send the funds to MCN’s wallet from any EVM compatible chain (BSC/Polygon/Fantom/IOTX/Arbitrum..) before or during the KYC session: 

Address: 0x2B8E9f15E44edec67B41b89373b864D5733a2CcD 

Ethereum name: mcnventures.eth

Contact one of our project review partners to start:

Bill the investor

Telegram ID: @billtheinvestor

Twitter Account: 

Sell When Over 9000

Telegram ID: @EpiconEth

Twitter Account:


Telegram ID: @amazingblock

Twitter Account:

These badges were designed for projects with MCN Review Service.

Dark background

Light background