MCN partners are a group of Twitter KOLs, Entrepreneurs, Traders & Analysts focused on DeFi.
What we do

MCN Ventures is more than just a venture capital, we focus on incubating and growing key DeFi protocols such as lending/borrowing protocols, collateralized stablecoins, DEXes and DEX aggregators, and yield farms and aggregators. At MCN, we provide:

  • Tokenomics designs to ensure long term success.
  • Integration into MCN’s ecosystem for rapid growth.
  • Liquidity support through MCN multiple-reward farms.
  • Funds and TVL support.

Several competing projects fail when a conflict of interest arises between the project team and VC; however, the MCN model provides mutual benefits for both parties involved, ensuring a stable, transparent relationship between our team and yours.

With the MCN project team, we’re not just your investors—we bring in a direct and supportive community, large trading volumes, efficient auditing tools, a prestigious reputation, and ample funding support.



Unlike the traditional venture capital model where VCs only provide their brand and funds, MCN brings optimization strategies and KOL influence on social media to directly promote your project.

With MCN’s resources, these high-quality projects will be able to acquire the funds and user visibility needed to construct their own communities. MCN-invested projects are encouraged to integrate into our ecosystem through the MCN token model and promote mutual development.

Join the MCN Ecosystem
  1. Contact one of our partners from the project team for a review of your project.
  2. Discuss funding, tokenomics, and potential business model modifications.
  3. Implement your protocol and integrate your project into the MCN ecosystem.
Investment and Incubation

MCN Ventures is more than just a venture capital; we pride our mission on incubating and growing key DeFi protocols, such as:

  • Lending and borrowing protocols.
  • Collateralized stablecoins.
  • DEXes and DEX aggregators.
  • Yield farms and yield farm aggregators.

MCN services fall into 2 categories:

  • Project Incubation. Our team brings an engaging community and the expertise to help you grow a project, rather than solely providing funds.
  • Project Investment. We will directly invest funds into your project to assist your financial needs.
Listing and Review

The growth of DeFi comes with greater opportunities for vetting novel DeFi protocols and farms. Yet, with projects launching daily, regular DeFi users and yield farmers begin to encounter safety and reliability concerns surrounding new farms that claim high APYs.

At MCN, we will help to assuage these concerns with our vfat-approved review of new protocols via governance. MCN token holders may vote to review and list vetted projects on vfat.tools. As such, MCN provides greater visibility to these community-reviewed projects, a stronger sense of security for investors, and a more widespread utility of the MCN token.

MCN Review Service

MCN Review Service is a bundle of three basic services: “Reviewed by MCN” + “KYC by MCN” + “List on Vfat.tools”. Read more…


Contact the MCN Project Team on Twitter/Telegram:

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